‘Tall tree’ Martens laughs: ‘Leave the rest alone, all to me’

Lieke Martens was in blood form during the 2017 Golden European Championships and was named best player in Europe. Five years later, she is less on track, acknowledges the left winger of — recently — Paris Saint-Germain himself.
Martens accounted for one and a half assists in the European Championship match against Portugal. “I‘m not saying I played my best match either, but I think I’ve had a share in that again. We can also turn it around. Anyway, that‘s part of it”, the Limburg says to ESPN. “I would also like to show more of myself offensively.”
Martens also understands that she has been paying more attention to since the successful summer of 2017. “I am a tall tree. Then leave the rest alone and come to me”, she says laughing about the criticism.
Martens will have another chance to prove himself on Sunday. The Netherlands needs a point against Switzerland to secure placement for the quarter-finals and is also competing with Sweden for pool win. The Sheffield game starts at 6 pm Dutch time.

Lieke Martens is aware of the criticism she receives, but knows it’s part of it.” Then leave the rest alone and come all to me” pic.twitter.com/Al7FWoo6VT
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) July 15, 2022