‘Task for Frank de Boer: make Stengs a guy. ‘

Calvin Stengs was one of the striking players on the side of AZ in the top against Feyenoord (2-3). The attacker gave an assist and initiated a penalty kick. Opinions in Studio Football about the football player are divided. โ€œI get worse at Stengs,โ€ says Rafael van der Vaart.

According to Van der Vaart, Stengs is potentially the best player in the top division, but the 22-year-old player of AZ does not bring enough. Van der Vaart sees a beautiful task for Frank de Boer, whose daughter has a relationship with Stengs. โ€œNot as a federal coach, but as a father-in-law Frank really has to say: Come on, man, be a guy!โ€

Pierre van Hooijdonk looked at Stengs with special attention during the fascinating topper. โ€œHe is not number ten,โ€ says the analyst. โ€œIn the first half he was very moderate, the second half was better. Right now, I wouldn‘t select him for the European Championships. Not as number ten anyway.โ€

โ€œ I think you’re very critical,โ€ says Arno Vermeulen. โ€œHe‘s a player that makes you happy. I don’t see the problem that way.โ€

Theo Janssen, who spoke online from home: โ€œHe has so much quality and always good moments. But if he doesn‘t have the sidelines close, he’s having a hard time. He brings too little.โ€

Van der Vaart wonders what should become Stengs‘s next destination after AZ. โ€œNot abroadโ€, responds Vermeulen. Ajax then? According to Van der Vaart, he must get more spice. โ€œFrank (De Boer, red.) hates losses and can teach him that. Maybe just that part that makes him end up at FC Barcelona or Real Madrid.โ€

Do not believe Real is interested in Senesi

Feyenoorder Marcos Senesi made a weak impression against AZ. The name of the 23-year-old defender regularly falls into the transfer rumor circuit. โ€œDon’t yell that Real Madrid is interested and that he has to pay 20 million euros,โ€ says Van der Vaart. โ€œThat‘s probably what his agent does. I don’t believe that. For 10 million, I‘d take him away. He is short in everything.โ€

โ€œ He is a great defender if he is surrounded by other defenders,โ€ says Van Hooijdonk. โ€œHe does not pull larger spaces around him. He’s not fast enough for that.โ€

Another Feyenoorder, striker Nicolai Jรธrgensen, is reportedly in the interest of the Turkish Galatasaray. โ€œIt would be a pity if he left,โ€ says Vermeulen.

On winter acquisition Lucas Pratto, guests at the table agree. โ€œWe can conclude that he has been a panic purchase,โ€ says Vermeulen. Van Hooijdonk has to think of Theo Janssen at the sight of Pratto: โ€œNot fast and what arrived.โ€

Janssen: โ€œHe looks like me, but I had more technique.โ€

Also at Ajax it is not quiet when it comes to transfer rumors. Quincy Promes may leave for Spartak Moscow, which, according to Russian media, has 12 million euros left to bring the attacker back to Russia.

โ€œ Good thing for all parties,โ€ says Vermeulen about the player who, innocent until proven otherwise, was in custody for several days in December for alleged involvement in a stabbing.

Ten Hag to Gladbach? ‘Wouldn’t be a convenient choice

Not only Promes is associated with a foreign club. The trainer of Ajax would also be in the interest. Erik ten Hag is named by the German Bild as a candidate for a transition to Borussia Mรถnchengladbach, when the current trainer Marco Rose leaves for Borussia Dortmund.

โ€œ He’s on a list of three candidates,โ€ says Vermeulen. โ€œAccording to German colleagues, there has been real contact. Ten Hag gave us no hard denial for the camera, but ESPN did.โ€

Van der Vaart would find a choice for Germany‘s current number five risky. โ€œWith Gladbach things can only go worse. Not a convenient choice. It’s not a team in distress. Dortmund would be a better choice in this respect. They play poorly.โ€

Theo Janssen joins in this. โ€œDortmund is a club in trouble, Gladbach plays very well. I wouldn‘t do that.โ€

The question is whether Ajax would let Ten Hag, who has a contract until mid-2022, go. Van Hooijdonk: โ€œMarc Overmars would do everything to preserve him.โ€

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