Tata from Thailand boxes to pay his parents bills

Tata of 9 is very good at boxing. The boy from Thailand does so at a high level. But hes not just boxing for pleasure. Hes got to make money on it, too.

Boxing is a very popular sport in Thailand. In competitions there is a lot of money to earn, even when it comes to boxing children. And thats exactly why his family wants Tata to fight a lot of matches.

But since corona, the games have been stopped. Its annoying for Tata and his family, because now they cant make any more money.


But experts are happy about it. They think the sport is too dangerous for children.

According to experts, many boxing children are injured. Thats also because they dont wear head protection. There is a lot of discussion about this in Thailand. Opponents believe that boxing should be completely banned for children.

Tata also has regular pain from boxing. Yet he has no intention of stopping. He would prefer to fight again as soon as possible, and thus also raise money for his family.