Taylor beat advice to the wind and chose his own route: I didnt want that

Kenneth Taylor appeared against Fortuna Sitbard (2-3) at the kick-off and hopes to maintain his base place throughout the season. The Ajax midfielder looks back on last winter, when he was in danger of being rented out.
Taylor did an excellent preparation. Alfred Schreuder rewarded the development of his pupil with a base place in Sitpard. โ€œOf course, I‘m going to do my best to keep it this season,โ€ Taylor says afterwards at the press conference. โ€œIn the winter of last season, it was said that it might be better for me to get rented out so I could get more minutes of play. I didn’t want that, because I train here with the best players in the Netherlands and very good players from Europe.โ€
โ€œHere I get better on the training field,โ€ continues the twenty-year-old midfielder. โ€œI think there is no better club than Ajax to continue as a young boy. So I wanted to stay. I wanted to show that I can do it and that I could play myself in the basics.โ€
Taylor equalized on Saturday afternoon, although it seemed for a moment that the hit would come to Davy Klaassen‘s name. โ€œHe really wanted it in his name, but so did I. I didn’t see it. In the game, I thought it was for Davyโ€, laughs the playmaker.