Taylor Swift angry that her music rights have been sold again

Taylor Swift is not happy with Scooter Brauns latest move in their long-running quarrel. The manager of Justin Bieber, among others, has sold the rights of her first six albums to an investment fund for over 300 million dollars. Because of this deal, Braun would โ€œmake a profit from my music for years to come,โ€ Taylor responds to Twitter.

Scooter bought the rights last summer, when he bought up the record label where the singer was under contract at the time. Taylor was not happy about that because she was not offered to buy her music. She also says that Scooter forbade her from playing live songs from that time, something he denies.

According to the 30-year-old singer, Scooter also wanted to get his latest deal behind her back. However, the investment fund that bought the rights informed her weeks ago of what was going on. โ€œThis was the second time my music had been sold without my knowledge. The letter said they wanted to let me know what was going on before the sale, but Scooter Braun had forbidden them to contact me or my team and otherwise the deal would not go ahead.โ€

Taylor is now under contract with a new record label and plans to re-record her first albums under her own name. โ€œI want to thank you for your support on this issue and I cannot wait for you to hear what I have come up with.โ€