Taylor Swift surprises fan with Christmas donation

Singer Taylor Swift surprised a fan with a Christmas donation to a local food bank. The donation comes after the fan shared a video showing her Christmas lights on Taylor‘s new Christmas song, so you can see on Twitter on Tuesday.

The fan completely dressed up her house with flashing Christmas lights, which she then adjusted to the size of Taylor’s new Christmas Tree Farm. โ€œI‘m so glad we can listen to this song this year, and I hope Taylor sees itโ€, the fan posted a tweet with the video.

Not much later, Sarah’s wish came true. Taylor even sent her a personal message. โ€œI love the light show, thank you for using Christmas Tree Farm to create such a spectacle,โ€ writes Taylor. As a surprise, Taylor donates to the local food bank. โ€œI made a donation to the food bank in your hometown. Merry holidays!โ€