Tbs with compulsive care for stabbing to death 18-year-old boy in Oss

The Sudanese status holder Ayoub Y. received TBS with forced care for the stabbing to death of 18-year-old Rik van de Rakt last year in Oss. The court ruled that the man was completely insane and was in a psychosis. Therefore, there is no imprisonment in addition to tbs. That corresponds to the demand of the Public Prosecutor‘s Office.

Due to the high probability of recurrence, no maximum is set on the duration of compulsory care. The court calls long-term and intensive treatment essential. Y. is not participating in treatments at this time.

Furthermore, Y. must pay the survivors a compensation of about 40,000 euros. The Sudanese and his lawyer were neither present at the verdict.

The 26-year-old status holder has insisted throughout the course of justice that he doesn’t know exactly what happened. He always stressed that he didn‘t kill anyone. According to his lawyer, Y. has suffered very traumatic experiences as a child soldier in Sudan. As a result, he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia.

Errors at instances

According to the court, it has been proven that Y. stabbed Van de Rakt. He left his house in the morning with a knife and walked up and down a bike path near a gas station. Out of nowhere he stabbed Van de Rakt in his back, who was on his way to work in a nursing home.

The DNA of Y. was found on Van de Rakt’s backpack. Also, blood was found from him. Y. was arrested shortly after the stabbing incident at Oss station.

Last summer it turned out that mistakes were made by authorities involved in the supervision and housing of the Sudanese. For example, it had already been signaled at several times that the man may have suffered from psychological complaints, but that information was not shared properly.

The municipality of Bernheze, where Y. lived, has acknowledged that Y. was not adequately supervised. This is known by the privacy rules, which meant that the municipality had too little information about the man. Van de Rakt‘s family also said that the privacy law is due to his death. โ€œThis should never have happened and should never have happened again,โ€ said his mother at the hearing.

At the previous hearing, the victim’s family addressed directly to the defendant: