Tbs’er fugitive Henk E. arrested on Texel

In Den Hoorn on Texel, an arrest team has arrested fugitive tbs’er Henk E. (61), reports the Public Prosecutor’s Office. E. was on leave when he was caught breaking into a holiday home in Westkapelle, Zeeland, on 4 July. He then managed to escape and was seen at the Coolsingel in Rotterdam on 27 July.

The tbs’er was sentenced to 6 years in jail in 1998 and tbs for multiple violent crimes. He was in the last phase of his tbs trajectory at the resocialization house De Blink in Rotterdam.

E. was arrested after a tip-off from someone who thought they saw him on the ferry to Texel. “Then the police were called in and they were able to make his arrest. That went quietly,” says a spokesman for the National Prosecutor’s Office.

Yesterday, the TV show Opsp sporen Verzocht paid attention to the case. That yielded 27 tips.