Te Wierik not even with penalty, but guilty: “I shouldnt slide”

FC Groningen defender Mike te Wierik disagreed with referee Danny Makkelie‘s decision to give opponent Sparta a penalty in extremis on Saturday. Despite that, he was guiltfully in front of ESPN’s cameras afterwards.
In the absolute final phase of the game, Easkie gave a penalty to the Rotterdammers after Te Wierik bet a sliding on Tobias Lauritsen. The Norwegian attacker jumped over Te Wierik‘s legs, but nevertheless saw the arbitrator pointing to the spot. The penalty was then used, after which trainer Maurice Steijn’s team won the match.
I don‘t have to glide, that’s where it starts. This also gives the striker a chance to jump and fall. So I have to find it for myself, even if I don‘t even touch him, Te Wierik told ESPN. The defender hoped that after seeing the footage repeatedly, Easkelie would reverse his decision. The ref said that the VAR said the same thing I did: that striker jumped over it. He just thought that I came in too wild, so I can fill it up. Yes, that’s hard to accept then.
Groningen trainer Frank Wormuth, who contacted Easkelie afterwards, puts the blame mainly on his defender afterwards. We shouldn‘t talk about the penalty, we should talk about the tackle. That tackle wasn’t necessary.