Teacher shortage in Amsterdam decreases, fewer emergency measures needed

Amsterdam’s shortage of teachers has decreased considerably. School boards indicated in a tour of the municipality that the shortage is much smaller than a year ago. There are only a limited number of vacancies left. The schools expect that they will have to take less drastic emergency measures than last year.

Because of the economic uncertainty, more people want to stay and work as teachers. Teachers are less likely to leave for another job and freelancers return to work more often. Also, the measures that have been taken, such as a big city bonus and the efforts of side entrants, seem to be paying off, writes the municipality.

The shortage of teachers was felt in Amsterdam last school year. For example, some schools had to put unauthorised people in front of the classroom and others considered a four-day school week.

In June it was announced that extra money will be made available to the big cities to combat the shortage of teachers; for Amsterdam it was about 7.1 million euros.

Still worries

So it is a boost for the municipality, but at the same time Alderman Marjolein Moorman of Education calls the situation “temporary and vulnerable There remain concerns about the shortage of teachers, due to the effects of the coronavirus in the classroom. Teachers sometimes have to wait days for a test result, so replacements have to be found or classes sent home.

“A school board in Amsterdam-West sees that 10 percent of its staff has to stay at home sick at the start of this school year”, Moorman writes in the letter. The municipality therefore wants to continue to invest in combating the shortage of teachers.