Team Kuipers for Discussion

The European Championship is up for the Czech Republic: Jaroslav Silhavýs team had seen the Netherlands in the eighth finals, but stumbled over Denmark one round later. Arbiter Björn Kuipers unintentionally grabbed the lead role in Baku on Saturday evening and that has not gone unnoticed in European sports media either.
Early in the game, the Danes got a questionable corner, while Kasper Dolberg seemed to hit the ball last. This dropped Thomas Delaney
s 1-0, which caused the Czechs to chase quickly. Eventually they lost 2-1, allowing Denmark to report to the last four.
The Czech medium Idnes believes that the men of Silhavý can leave the European Championships with their heads raised. And maybe a little angry with the Dutch referee, it sounds. After five minutes, the ball bounced over the back line via Kasper Dolberg. The TV footage clearly showed that the Danes were not entitled to this, but Dutch assistant Erwin Zeinstra gave one anyway.
With all the consequences of that. Also for the sports department of the medium Aktuálne, the grapes are sour. Dutch revenge? Even abroad, they wonder why the Czechs received a Dutch referee, they even wonder. A Single Conspiracy Theory on Twitter — The Czechs have humiliated the Netherlands and UEFA has sent a weak referee team as revenge from… The Netherlands! — is eagerly picked up by the medium.

Well done, Infantino-Čeferin mobsters! Czechs humiliated Netherlands 2—0 and, as punishment, you, crooks, delegate a poor referee team from… you guessed, Holland! They cant see correctly a corner and Denmark scores from a mistake of your crooks! Well done! @UEFA
— Cristian Drăghici (@antirisced) July 3, 2021

The Danish press does not consider the decision of Team Kuipers for long. Only Fredericia Avisen reveals that the corner from which the 1-0 came was a disputable. In Germany — neighbouring country of both Denmark and the Czech Republic — the moment has been widely measured. The decisions of Björn Kuipers and his assistant Erwin Zeinstra were not explainable, reports the Tagesschau.
After four minutes, the man along the line went seriously wrong when he gave a corner to the Danes instead of a backball to the Czechs from close range. (…) Zeinstra may have been influenced by Dolbergs gestures and made his fatal wrong decision. And that eventually resulted in the opening strike of the Danes.

The leading BILD doesnt understand it and is a big deal. Dänen siegen thanks falscher Ecke! is the all-telling headline above the match report. In the eighth final Denmark made a demonstration against Wales, but this time the team was lucky. After five minutes, Delaney was able to head Larsens corner unhindered in the corner: 1-0 for Denmark. But that goal should never have counted. It shouldnt have been a corner, but a goal-staircase.
VAR Pol van Boekel could not help his compatriot either.
Thats the problem: just like in the Bundesliga, the VAR is not allowed to intervene in situations like this. A corner is considered a closed game situation: goals cannot be discarded. That Tschechen im Pech! And it was not the first time the Dutch Schiri made an unfortunate decision that was to the disadvantage of the Czechs.
By the way, social media slow motion footage of the situation, where the corner came out. The ball seemed to touch the knuckles of the Czech Ondrej Celustka before crossing the back line. Did Zeinstra see it sharply?

Quick one to end the corner controversy, maybe. This angle shows the ball went out off the Czech players hand. #DEN #CZEDEN #CZE #Euro2020
— Dan Salisbury-Jones (@dsj_itv) July 3, 2021