Team mate Schelling about collision Kelderman: ‘A violent accident’

Wilco Kelderman was transferred to a hospital in Italy with a concussion on Saturday afternoon. He and six teammates from Bora-Hansgrohe were involved in a car collision during a training ride.

It was actually a harmless last walk, near Lake Garda. The training was just over. Until a car loomed up from a side street. Team mate Ide Schelling, who had dropped out a little before and returned to the hotel, says he does not know all the details yet, but already knows a lot about the fact.

โ€œ That motorist got a stop sign, but he just didnt look at all and knocked down the whole group like that.โ€

According to the latest reports, Kelderman and Rรผdiger Selig were transferred to the hospital with concussion. Andreas Schillinger was also brought to the nearest hospital for research. The other four Bora riders returned to the hotel shocked.

โ€œ Thats what we know. For the rest, it is still unclear and it is waiting to see. It is to be hoped that the concussion for Wilco will remain, and that it is not too intense.โ€

Violent accident

Its for Schelling still guessing the details. โ€œNobody really saw it, except for the boys. It was soon clear that it was a violent accident and not just a small fall. Its also a good thing if you drive 30 or 40 kilometers an hour on a flat road and a car comes into your way at a reasonable speed.โ€

It was the last upheavals of the training camp that the German team had invested in northern Italy. โ€œWe had the training done, after five hours and three quarters of an hour. Its a bit of a cyclist thing, that if you want to finish the six hours, then you do an extra twenty minutes. But I had enough for today, I was done with it.โ€

Kelderman, who was just designated by Bora as one of the leaders during the Tour de France, drove with six teammates. โ€œThats when it happened. Its a lucky decision for me not to go with that piece. Very unfortunate that this has to happen at the end of the training camp.โ€