Team17 Declares 2021 “Year of Super Magbot”

Catalan studio Astral Pixel, made up of two brothers, has published a new trailer for the upcoming unusual Super Magbot platformer. And called it Year of Magbot: it is in 2021 that the release of the game should take place. In Super Magbot players will get the role of a robot explorer who must save the native planet.

And the key to her rescue will have to be found on other planets full of traps, dangers and tests. The robot is strong and agile, but because of the gravity it is not able to jump.

Instead, he has to use the powers of magnetism to be attracted to, or repelled from, certain objects and platforms. Skillful use of magnetic forces will overcome any obstacle.

Super Magbot can already be added to the desired list on Steam. The exact release date has not yet been named.

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