Techland: Dying Light 2 is all right, its just too soon announced

The other day Polish studio Techland promised to tell how the work on Dying Light 2 is going. For a long time before, all the news about the game was related solely to the terrible atmosphere in the studio and how eminent developers, including Chris Avellon. The situation, developed in the studio, the players called โ€œproduction hellโ€.

However, team representatives rushed to refute this opinion. According to Techland, the definition of โ€œproduction hellโ€ implies that the development of the game is not progressing.

In the case of DL2 this is not the case, the process goes and continues to go. Just the studio announced the game too soon.

As we remember, the announcement of Dying Light 2 took place at the Microsoft conference in the framework of E3 2018, and the main feature of the game was called Avellons participation. However last summer, after a wave of accusations and โ€œcancellationsโ€ of the cult screenwriter, Techland declared a complete cessation of cooperation.

Techland claims that the cancellation of Dying Light 2 speech is not & nbsp; goes. She is also not going to be released into early access.

And to find out how things really stand and probably see the evidence with our own eyes, we can on Wednesday, March 17. More on the CCeit Crusader Kings III, Stellaris, Surviving Mars – what awaits the game Paradox in the future? Join Clash 3D holds the lead in the chart of the most downloaded mobile games Authors Serial Cleaner make a game under the license Paradox Interactive โ€” Bloodlines 2?.