Technical artist Saints Row joined the authors of State of Decay 3

One Twitter user drew attention to changes in the Linkedin profile of Mitri Wang, chief technical artist of Volition studio and technical art director of the upcoming restart of Saints Row. Since November, he has been Chief Technical Artist at Undead Labs. The Technical Art Director at Volition (Saints Row 5) joins Undead Leads as a Principal Technical Artist.

The Xbox Game Studio has grown considerably since the release of State of Decay 2 to prepare for State of Decay 3, now at about 100 employees. https://t.

co/1k3E2n62hX pic. twitter.

com/rfkiiz9bagโ€” Klobrille ( @klobrille) November 27, 2021Mitri Wang is a Volition veteran who has worked there since 1999 and has been involved in the creation of Punisher, the Summoner series, parts of the Saints Row series and a couple of canceled projects.

It has not been announced what project he will be working on at Undead Labs, but the studio is primarily known for the State of Decay series. Currently, developers are working on State of Decay 3, but so far about the game They didn‘t say much.

In addition to platforms: it will only be released on PC and Xbox Series. Currently, the studio has about a hundred employees, and it continues to expand.

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