Technical director Vitesse: ‘Impossible source of contamination to identify’

Vitesse has been confronted with eight corona infections in the technical staff this week, but for the time being this has no impact on the premier league game with Sparta, on Saturday evening in its own stadium. Is that really wise?

It is not a point of discussion, says Vitesse‘s technical director Johannes Spors on the certainty with which the club announced on Thursday that the premier league game with Sparta would continue. That is the rule. You have to play with thirteen healthy players. That could change if more people tested positive, but that is not the case now

Spors, Steering and Hofs

No players tested positive, so there are enough players to play football, the KNVB said on Thursday. We have informed Vitesse that we are doing everything we can to help Vitesse in this annoying situation

Vitesse received permission from the football association to have technical director Johannes Spors, Edward Sturing and Nicky Hofs sit on the bench on Saturday to lead the team against Sparta.

The outbreak of the coronavirus in the premier league club is also no reason for the football association to take additional measures. The association is of the opinion that Vitesse has the case well under control. The mayor of Arnhem, Ahmed Marcouch, who is also chairman of the security region, supports this view.

Vitesse has acted correctly. The club informed the safety region and called in the GGD. The eight staff members affected have been quarantined, the players have tested negative, says Marcouch. The cases took place in a bubble, not in the hospitality industry or at a wedding. It is verifiable

Source and contact research

Marcouch knows that the GGD is still doing source and contact research. It is almost impossible to identify the source of the first infection. That is also the case in society, says technical director Spors.

The players of Vitesse are being watched closely these days and will be tested on Thursday. Opponent Sparta has been informed of everything and finds it no problem to play.

Sparta’s players have been tested today, at Vitesse this is now done on a daily basis to make sure that no infections take place on Saturday. As far as we are concerned it is therefore responsible to let the match go ahead, as the situation is under control, the Rotterdam Premier League club said in a reaction.

Battle of the arm

So all signals are on green for the duel on Saturday evening at the Gelredome. But is it so obvious that the duel will continue? Epidemiologist Patricia Bruijning does want to keep the game going. In her opinion it is crucial to test as short as possible on the match to prevent infections.

Vitesse tested at five times and at various times people were found to be positive, says Bruijning, who works for the UMC Utrecht.

In that context there is an important point: there is an incubation period of about two to fourteen days. This can mean that someone tests negative on day one, two and three, but is positive on day four. For that reason you can never say right now that the competition will go on anyway. There may be new cases on Friday and Saturday