Technical manager De Graafschap says sorry, Poldervaart: “Im so ashamed”

De Graafschap is running dramatically, but trainer Adrie Poldervaart still feels the trust of the club management. Technical manager Peter Bijvelds apologised to supporters after the lost match against Almere City.
De Graafschap won only once after eight games and went down by 1-2 again on Friday night. As a responsible technical manager, I apologise to our supporters for our poor results so far, Bijvelds writes on Twitter.
This is a huge disappointment for the team, but especially for the people around it. I can well imagine them whistling and being angry. I am so ashamed when I stand in front of the supporters again. That‘s just a bad feeling, done, says Poldervaart at ESPN.
White handkerchiefs were already visible in Doetinchem. As soon as it doesn’
t work, it‘s always up to the trainer. We have a number of trainers with a lot of experience, that’s fine. Apparently, the fault lies with the head coach. If that‘s the solution… I am not a little kid. In recent years, everything necessary has happened. If there were all trainers who were not capable, so be it.
I am so ashamed. I have a great relationship with the supporters and have put a lot of work into the connection. Then it sucks that you can’
t give them anything back in the form of a profit, that‘s the best cement. If we don’t bring that, I get that people are disappointed. This has been going on longer, huh? One year of corona, not getting a PhD after a seven-point lead, things went wrong in the post-competition and now a dramatic start. Quite right that these people are disappointed.

As responsible TM, I apologise to our supporters for our poor results so far.
— Peter Bijvelds (@PeterBijvelds) September 16, 2022