‘Technical staff FC Barcelona gives De Jong clear assignment’

FC Barcelona believes that Frenkie de Jong should change, the Spanish newspaper SPORT writes on Thursday. The club is not dissatisfied with its performance, but it does think there is more to it.
De Jong is working on his third season at Barcelona. His potential does not come out in every race and so the technical staff has given him a clear assignment for the next period: De Jong must make more of his mark on the Barcelona team. Xavi, the new head coach, also believes that De Jong has more to offer.
SPORT writes that De Jong has a hard time in Barcelona. The club leadership hopes that the team will stabilize with attracting Xavi and improving De Jong‘s performance. He’s supposed to be one of the strong holders.
โ€œOne of the problems De Jong has encountered so far is his position,โ€ says SPORT. ‘At Ajax, he was focused on one position, but at Barcelona in multiple positions. This still looks like the Barcelona of Busquets, he is the center of this team. Xavi sees them as complementary and hopes they will become two key players for Barcelona. ‘