Teenager wakes up after 11 months from coma, does not know anything about coronavirus

A British teenager who has been in a coma for almost a year after a serious collision, has received nothing from the coronacrisis.

The 19-year-old Joseph Flavill was hit by a car in his hometown Tutbury on 1 March 2020. Three weeks before the first lockdown in the UK. Joseph was in a coma for 11 months, but is now awake and can communicate by blinking or smiling. He makes rapid progress and can even move his limbs on command. โ€œAt first, only his eyes were open and he did not react to anything. Over the last few weeks, he has taken amazing steps,โ€ explains his aunt to local media.

No visit

Despite the fact that Joseph does not have active memories of the coronavirus, during his time in the hospital, the teenager became infected twice. Due to the current corona measures, the teenager is not allowed to receive a visit. He communicates with his family and friends via FaceTime and his โ€œface lights upโ€ when they come into view. On his 19th birthday his mother was allowed to visit, but at an appropriate distance.

Joseph‘s family doesn’t know exactly how much the boy understands the situation. โ€œHis accident happened before the first lockdown and it‘s almost as if he slept through the whole pandemic. How do you explain that to someone who has been in a coma,โ€ says his aunt.

Before the accident, Joseph was a healthy and sporty teenager. He wanted to get his degree and then take a long trip. Meanwhile, the websiteJoseph‘s journey’ has been created. Through this way, the family tries to raise money to cover medical expenses, for example. Also, family members and friends can share videos and messages. In this way, Joseph stays informed of the lives of his loved ones.