Teenagers stuck for heavy assault ‘defenseless’ 14-year-old boy

The police arrested four Rotterdam boys aged 14 and 15 on suspicion of serious assault by a fellow from that city. The group struck on the Brandingdijk in the Nesselande district.

โ€œ The 14-year-old victim was completely defenseless against the slapping and kicking group,โ€ said the police. He was ridden off his bike, worked against the ground and received several kicks to the head. Eventually, he ended up in a ditch. A passer-by intervened and warned the police. The perpetrators managed to escape at first, but were later arrested.

The police are looking for witnesses and do not rule out the possibility of further suspects being arrested for the assault. Whether the perpetrators knew the boy or whether he was a random victim, the police are still trying to find out.