Telegraaf fuels rumours, Verbeek rests: “Just look at Van Bommel”

Gertjan Verbeek continues to torment at Almere City, which is penultimate in the Kitchen Champion Division and flew out of the KNVB Cup on Wednesday evening. De Cceit knows to report that Verbeek ‘must fear for his job’ and the experienced trainer himself also seems to be taking into account a possible dismissal.
Almere City lost its last four league games and didn‘t get a paw grounded against Go Ahead Eagles on Wednesday night either. The youngest professional club in the Netherlands wanted to take the final step to the Eredivisie last season and fired Ole Tobiasen when the drafting came in. Verbeek may be waiting — stepping in this summer after he was without a club for more than one year — a similar fate: ‘the trainer career of Gertjan Verbeek is in danger of going out like a night candle‘, De Cceit concludes.
Verbeek thinks it is only logical that there are questions about his position. I know how it works in the football industry. You don’
t have to tell me there are always people pointing to the trainer. Just look at Van Bommel (fired Sunday by VfL Wolfsburg, ed. ), he is quoted by the morning newspaper. That‘s a different level, but the processes work the same. I’ve never been so low in my entire career as a player and trainer.
Almere City is given a few extra days to recover from midweek efforts. Helmond Sport — who lost 4-0 at FC Groningen and was also nicked out of the cup — is the next opponent in the competition on Monday.