Telstar frontrunner after winning at Eindhoven in spectacular ‘Classic’

In the premier league Ajax is against Feyenoord de Klassieker, a level lower than the meeting between FC Eindhoven and Telstar. Although the match, between the two teams that have been active in the first division for the longest time, can of course in no way be compared to the prestige match between Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Except for the fact that the sparks spattered off in Eindhoven on Saturday. Telstar won 3-2 in the Jan Louwers Stadium on Saturday.

Named after Jan Louwers, star of FC Eindhoven in the team that became national champion in 1954. Later the local heroes were Henk Bloemers, Leen Warnaar and Cees Schapendonk, but they too could not prevent relegation from the premier league in 1977.

Telstar with his figureheads Paul van der Meeren, Fred Bischot and Monne de Wit lasted a year longer in the premier league, but hasn’t been active on the highest stage since.

In times of the corona crisis, Eindhoven and Telstar were seen as clubs that could fall down in the worst-case scenario. But on Saturday, they stood there again, for the 93rd time against each other.

Since this season, Telstar’s assistant coach is Edgar Davids, who played in full stadiums all his life as a former top football player. In Eindhoven, due to the strict corona protocol, the stadium was barely populated, but under normal circumstances, the stadium had more empty than occupied seats for this game in recent years.

The spectators did not come on Saturday for nothing, however, as outside the five goals they witnessed the debut of Shona Shukrula as the fourth official. Not a fourth man, but a fourth woman.

With two goals from Shayne Pattynama, Telstar fell behind in the last half hour in a spectacular victory. Ilias Bronkhorst had already scored before half-time on behalf of the visitors, which makes him the top scorer of the league for a while. And Telstar at least for a couple of hours in the lead.