Telstar loses from MVV and misses lead position

Telstar did not manage – at least for a while – to take over the lead in the first division on Sunday. Coach Andries Jonkers team suffered its own first defeat of the season against MVV Maastricht: 1-2.

MVV got a lead by a penalty kick from Jelle Duin. Telstar was then given the opportunity to get out of a penalty on level ground as well, but Glynor Plet failed to score from eleven metres. The 33-year-old striker made up for that mistake a little later by taking over the equaliser.

Belgian Koen Kostons gave the visitors the three points just before time. Telstar and MVV both scored four points after three rounds of play. Leader NAC Breda can book the third victory of the season on Monday against FC Den Bosch.