Telstar puts Van Iperens heart under his belt, Snoei speaks of football friend

Wonderful: the Telstar players put a heart to Donny van Iperen prior to the home game against PEC Zwolle. The defender was active at the White Lions in the past and knows coach Mike Snoei from that period, among other things. โ€œDonny fights like a lion,โ€ it says on the shirts.
Pruning has been struck by the situation of Van Iperen, whose medical condition is still unchanged. The man will be flown from Moldova to the Netherlands on Saturday afternoon. โ€œI was still in close contact with him until a few weeks ago. Weve had that all these years. He inquired if there was a spot at Telstar, from Greece. He is a football friend and had another excellent season here in 2017/2018. He is a true White Lion.โ€

Mike Snoei about the news surrounding football friend Donny van Iperen: โ€œVery shocked. Hard to believe.โ€
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) August 12, 2022