Ten Hag falls after defeat of unconcentrated Ajax: ‘Is bitter, this arrives’

Erik ten Hag sees that Ajax did not start the game with FC Utrecht at one hundred percent. Thats what the 51-year-old coach is bad because he sees that the Amsterdammers lost because of that.
Ajax played at a slow pace on Sunday afternoon, causing it to lose 0-1 to Utrecht. Ten Hag will be asked what he missed most with his team. โ€œThat we weren
t on from the first minute,โ€ he replied at ESPN. โ€œThat means we didnt play at a hundred percent pace. There was clearly no focus in the first phase of the game. Then youll be chasing the facts.โ€
โ€œWhat I mean by focus? Were creating two very good opportunities in the first ten minutes. They must be in, at our level, for sure,โ€ Ten Hag continues. โ€œIn the first half sequel, the pace was too low, as it was moving at a late moment. Our creatives started moving just too late or had the wrong timing. Then those spaces wont be there and Utrecht can keep playing compact.โ€
โ€œIts bitter, this arrives,โ€ concludes Ten Hag. โ€œBut you get these ticks during a season. Its about how you deal with it. At least well have to have a different mindset at the start of each match. Otherwise, you will face damage, as you see today (Sunday, ed.).โ€