Ten Hag: It hits you, because if it didnt hit you, it was meaningless

In a farewell interview, Erik ten Hag looks back on his period as a trainer at Ajax. The new Manchester United manager found it difficult to say goodbye, which created mixed feelings.
โ€œWhether Ajax is in my heart? Yes, there is no doubt about that,โ€ says Ten Hag opposite the club channels. โ€œI‘ve always felt a very strong connection with my players. The players have to want to walk in front of a coach, that’s what they did.โ€ The fact that the elective lord had to say goodbye to his players and staff the day after the closing round of the Eredivisie was hard for him. โ€œYou know the day is coming, but it created mixed feelings. That‘s what life is like, but it affects you. That is another good sign. If it didn’t hit you, that band wouldn‘t be there and it’s meaningless.โ€
Ten Hag realizes what he has put up with the reigning national champion, but knows that he is leaving the club in safe hands. โ€œAjax is and remains Ajax. Talents will continue to emerge and rise,โ€ he says. โ€œAjax has a strong financial basis, so that the scouting can also have its return and Ajax will always have a strong team. Because of that, coupled with a good staff with a new trainer at the head, Ajax will remain successful.โ€