Ten Hag marks Manchester United and already has a nickname

Erik ten Hag leaves his mark on Manchester United, says defender Victor Lindelöf, who also immediately reveals the Tukker‘s nickname. The atmosphere is good, says Lindelöf.
Ten Hag was tasked with giving Manchester United color on the cheeks again after a disappointing season. Of course, we didn’
t perform the way we wanted, but last season is a thing of the past, Lindelöf tells ESPN. I think everyone is trying to look ahead. Everyone is excited to work with the new manager and learn their playing style. I don‘t think we want to look back, we want to look ahead and try to perform better.
It is for the players of Manchester United. On the first day, he explained what he wants us to do. He pays very close attention to the details, that is the biggest change, explains Lindelöf. Ten Hag is nicknamed
The Conductor‘ in England: the conductor. I won’t say there is a list of rules, but he demands a lot from us, on the field but also off the field. We‘re all professionals, so it’s no problem.
He comes in and wants us to play in a certain way, so of course he has to communicate it to the players. If something is not right or if something is not the way he wants it, he explains it again and tries to show it. We represent this great club and we want to compete for prizes. Every football player‘s goal is to win, so that’s always what we want to do.