Ten Hag warns: ’50 million in Eindhoven, new stadium in Rotterdam… ‘

It becomes a pagan job for Ajax to keep PSV and Feyenoord off the body. That‘s what Erik ten Hag expects, who states that โ€œthe enemy never sleeps.โ€
โ€œAjax is the top of the Netherlands, because we won the last five prizesโ€, says the trainer to ESPN. โ€œBut the enemy never sleeps: in Eindhoven they will invest fifty million euros, in Rotterdam there will be a new stadium and a new trainer (Arne Slot, red.). That doesn’
t make us nervous, we see it as a challenge. But it will be much more difficult. It‘s a normal reflex. We will have to be better again.โ€
Ten Hag notes that expectations around Ajax have increased enormously in recent years. โ€œWe have to keep doing normal for a while,โ€ says Ten Hag. โ€œYou see the pattern of expectation change incredibly, just in the time I’
m here. My mission was to put Ajax back on the European map, because all the clubs in the Netherlands were already eliminated in the preliminary round of the Europa League.โ€
According to Ten Hag, the disappointment of AS Roma in the quarterfinals of the Europa League is significant. โ€œNow the people, motivated by the media, expect us to reach the quarterfinals of the Europa League and just hibernate in the Champions League. And if we don‘t make it, it’s bad… That needs some nuance.โ€