Ten Hag warns: Arrange to Ajax otherwise youre having a problem

Ajax did not move on the closing day of the transfer market and that was to the satisfaction of trainer Erik ten Hag. The reigning national champion managed to keep last season‘s roster together for the most part, and that’s what the Tukker calls good news.
Ten Hag called on Deadline Day with Marc Overmars, the Amsterdammers‘ director of football business. โ€œHe said it would be a quiet day for Ajax,โ€ the trainer tells Ajax TV. โ€œI am happy about that, because that means we now have a good selection that is balanced. That’s not unimportant. Now it comes to fine tuning.โ€
Ten Hag refuted the criticism that Ajax selection is now too full. โ€œWe need all those players too. We‘re in a season after an EC, a Copa Amรฉrica and a Gold Cup. In addition, there is still corona, South America is going to play an extra international game and an Africa Cup will be held in January. Players will be unavailable continuously and you will have to respond to that. At least that’s what we did.โ€
The number of good players in the Amsterdam player group means that the practice master has to make sharp choices every match. โ€œWe do have a lot of good players, but the importance of Ajax is at the top. A player will have to settle for that. Anyone who doesn‘t have a problem. It’s about winning prizes together.โ€