Ten honorary divisions without victory, but cup success for Heerenveen

After ten competition duels without victory, Heerenveen can call himself quarter-finalist in the cup. Joey Veerman shot the Frisians in the last minute from the dot past FC Emmen: 1-2.

Eight-time international Ricardo van Rhijn caused the penalty with a snug handsball, after which Veerman shot through keeper Dennis Telgenkamp.

Emmen trainer Dick Lukkien spoke of an โ€œunexplained actionโ€ from his experienced defender. โ€œProbably did it in a reflex. Incomprehensible, but he will think so himself.โ€

Nice Goal Peรฑa

โ€œ I‘m glad it’s a good time,โ€ said Heerenveen-trainer Johnny Jansen. For the first time in two weeks, the practitioner sat back on the bench at his club, after having missed the last two honorary divisions due to a corona infection.

The eleven of Jansen started the duel well, but saw Emmen get more and more grip on the game. Sergio Peรฑa even scored beautifully at a stroke of rest, after a dribble and a combination through the middle.

Out of nowhere Heerenveen came through a changed direction volley of Benjamin Nygren at equal height, just as the penalty kick fell from the sky.

โ€œ There were moments before us to decide,โ€ said Emmen captain Michael de Leeuw. โ€œLast game against Vitesse you also saw that we were getting better by attacking. You just forget to finish the game.โ€

Heerenveen next round at home

So Heerenveen continues, which is assured of a home match in the next round. Vitesse, PSV, Feyenoord or the winner of VVV-Go Ahead Eagles (Thursday) is the opponent. The draw is Saturday.

Jansen is looking forward to that duel in several ways. โ€œI hope that by then some people will be able to join us, we are all ready to do that.โ€