Ten Years Arson Arson in Lesbos Refugee Camp

A court in Greece sentenced four young Afghan asylum seekers to ten-year prison sentences for the fire that destroyed Moria refugee camp on Lesbos last year. The court considers deliberate arson proven. In April, two other suspects, who were minor during the fire, were sentenced to five years in prison.

Human rights organizations criticize the lawsuit very much. The charge against five out of six suspects was based on the testimony of one person, another Afghan migrant. Its no trace. The witness was also not present at the hearing of the two minor suspects.

No journalists were allowed to attend the court hearing yesterday. According to the court, there was too little room due to the corona measures.

Angry about lockdown

Last September, the refugee camp burned down completely. Less than a week later, the six Afghan suspects were arrested. They would have lit the fire out of discontent with a lockdown.

The camp lived 12,500 migrants, while there was only 3,000 space, and the camp was in lockdown due to a corona outbreak. As far as we know, there were no deaths.