Tenant who cries like wolf out of expensive apartment Amsterdamse Zuidas put

A tenant of a house at the very expensive Amsterdam Zuidas has to leave his house because he has caused unacceptable noise pollution since October 2019. Some neighbours did not wait for the judge‘s ruling, they moved from misery.

The man paid 2200 euros rent per month to housing corporation Eigen Haard. All surrounding neighbors have a house for sale, he was the only tenant in the building. After reports from local residents about his ‘harsh icy cries, Eigen Haard went to visit and he had to visit the headquarters as well.


At the beginning of last year, the resident admitted that the complaints were correct. He said he was under treatment with a psychiatrist and taking medication. He also said that he succeeded in not causing noise disturbance for longer periods, writes AT5.

The resident would also have asked permission to install a soundproof cabin so that he would no longer be a burden to his neighbors.

Police called 13 times.

A few weeks later, however, it got out of hand again. Neighbors told Eigen Haard that there was noise disturbance for three days in a row. At that time, the police had been called no less than thirteen times.

The soundproofed cab was also not to benefit: the complaints continued to come. There was a measurement report showing that the man is indeed making too much noise. ,, Animal sounds are also audible, sounds like a crying wolfโ€, AT5 quotes the report. There was a brief dispute between Eigen Haard and the resident.

The subdistrict court judge concluded that there is no prospect of improvement. Emission is now allowed.