Tencent invests in the creators of the cyberpunk shooter Deadlink

Although Chinese giant Tencent is rumored to be planning to move to takeovers, the corporation is not abandoning small investments either. The next recipient was the Polish studio Gruby Entertainment, founded by immigrants from People Can Fly and developers Outriders and Giant Machines. The exact amount of the investment has not been announced, but it opens studios have new opportunities for development and expansion.

And this should affect the scale of Gruby Entertainments future projects. Gruby Entertainment recently celebrated its second anniversary.

And she already has her own achievements: on October 18, Steams debut developer project, a cyberpunk first-person shooter with elements of the Deadlink bagel, is released in early access. More on Gambling Overwatch 2 players believe that Blizzard is punishing them for poverty For Crusader Kings 3, we are preparing an add-on for the completely new New Witcher theme we wont see for at least three more years.