Tenerife searches in the sea for missing girl (1) after possible family murder

Off the coast of Tenerife is searched for the body of a 1 year old girl. Yesterday, the lifeless body of her 6-year-old sister Olivia was found in the sea. The two had been missing since the end of April.

Olivia‘s body was found at 1000 meters deep in a sports bag attached to an anchor. In addition, an empty gym bag has been found. The anchor with the bags was found near an abandoned boat that turned out to be owned by the girls’ father.

There is now a busy search for 1-year-old Anna. The Guardia Civil received assistance from a research vessel from the Spanish Oceanographic Service.

Father Tomรกs G. is also without a trace and is seen as a prime suspect in case. He and his ex-wife had access arrangements. At the end of April, the girls were supposed to go back to their mother. That didn‘t happen and they’ve been missing ever since.

โ€œSounded like goodbyeโ€

According to the Spanish daily El Paรญs, the father‘s blood traces were found on board the boat. There was also a child seat floating in the sea, which the police said Anna had to be.

According to the newspaper, G. told his ex in a phone call that she would never see her children again. The 37-year-old father’s parents said he had visited them and that it sounded like he was saying goodbye to them.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sรกnchez expressed his sympathy on Twitter. โ€œI can‘t imagine the pain that little Anna and Olivia’s mother must feel after the terrible news we just heard,โ€ he writes.


minute of silence was held in Tenerife this afternoon.