Tenet best cinema opening 2020 and record for Christopher Nolan

The action thriller Tenet by director Christopher Nolan set two records in the Dutch cinemas last weekend. With a proceeds of 1.58 million euros, it is not only the film title with the most successful opening weekend of 2020, but also the most successful film by Nolan ever since its opening weekend. The first record was recorded in the 1917 war film, the best Nolan film to date was The Dark Knight in 2008

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distributor Warner Bros. announced on Monday. The film, which tells of two spies who have to prevent World War III, attracted 149,000 visitors so far. Tenet also established records in other European countries last weekend. The film opened in Europe and not in the United States because of the coronacrisis, many rooms are closed there.

Tenet is seen as an important test case for the film sector. Its the first blockbuster Hollywood releases since cinemas around the world had to close doors in mid-March because of the coronavirus. In the Netherlands, cinemas have been allowed to receive visitors again since 1 June, but with restrictions. Therefore, it is all the more remarkable that Tenet has broken these records.

Sold Out

The thriller by Nolan, starring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson, runs in 137 cinemas. Pathรฉ, the largest cinema operator in the Netherlands, has programmed additional performances in recent days in the morning and late evenings to meet the enormous demand. โ€œWe notice that many people have been waiting for new titles,โ€ says a Pathรฉ spokesman. โ€œThe whole industry has worked very hard to ensure that people in cinemas can enjoy movies safely, in compliance with the RIVM rules.โ€

Also cinemas Eye in Amsterdam and KINO in Rotterdam, where the special 70mm version of Tenet can be seen, have planned additional screenings in the last few days and the next week. So far, all the rooms have been sold out.

Many American studios are scheduled to release major films in the coming months, such as the new Bond movie No Time To Die, Marvel film Black Widow and Top Gun 2, and the chances of these films actually being released seem bigger with Tenet being such a hit, despite all the coronar strictions.