Tens of thousands of protesting against coup in Myanmar

In Myanmar, tens of thousands have demonstrated against the military coup d‘état at the beginning of this week. It also demanded the release of the deposed head of government Aung San Suu Kyi, who was imprisoned by the military.

In the largest city of Yangon, protesters cried slogans against the military dictatorship and for democracy. From people on the side they were supplied with water and food. Motorists showed their support by pressing their horn and greeting the demonstrators with three fingers. Also in the second city of the country, Mandalay, and in the capital Naypyidaw was demonstrated.

In the course of the evening, there was a rumor that Suu Kyi had been released. There were parties on the street where fireworks were fired, but the festivities stopped again when Suu Kyi’s lawyer contradicted the message.

The protesters in Yangon wanted to go to City Hall, but were stopped by the riot police:

When the protests were over, many cities sounded a pot and pot protest against the military regime for the fifth consecutive evening.

Internet disabled

To prevent demonstrations and other forms of protest, the regime has largely disabled the Internet. Previously, providers were instructed to stop passing on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The military seized power on Sunday, shortly before the sworn in of the new parliament. That was the climax of rising tensions after elections in November. Suu Kyi‘s party reached an absolute majority in parliament at that time.

At and after the coup d’état, the army picked up at least 150 people, including Suu Kyi.