Tens of thousands on their feet against Brazilian President Bolsonaro

For over a year now, the Netherlands and the world have been held in control by the coronavirus blown over from China. Countries are waking up from lockdowns and restrictive measures. More and more people have been vaccinated or have gone through the disease. Whats happening today? Follow the latest news here.

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The main points:

Suriname in total lockdown, code black in hospitals to poor coronasituation
Lowest number of coronavirus patients on ic since 5 months
Virologist points top football players who refuse vaccine on exemplary role

Tens of thousands of Brazilians went out to the streets on Saturday to demonstrate against President Jair Bolsonaro and his approach to the coronapandemic. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, nearly 460,000 people have died in Brazil, with the highest number of coronadodes in the world after the United States.

In the center of Rio de Janeiro were about 10,000 people with mouth masks on their feet. Some cried slogans like โ€œBolsonaro genocideโ€ or โ€œGet away with the Bolso virus.โ€ Also in other cities there were similar demonstrations against the Brazilian President.

At the beginning of the pandemic, right-wing populist President Covid-19 disregarded as โ€œa flu.โ€ He also continued to oppose coronameasures such as staying at home and wearing mouthcaps. One of the themes of Saturdays demonstrations was how many lives could have been saved if Bolsonaro had started the vaccination campaign in the country earlier. Theyre calling on the president to resign.

On Saturday, meetings were held in other major cities such as the capital Brasilia, Salvador in the northeast and Belo Horizonte in the southeast. In Brasilia was the biggest demonstration since the beginning of the pandemic. People moved to the congress hall where a senate committee is investigating how Bolsonaro tackles the health crisis.

20.00 – Spain welcomes cruises: ports open

The Spanish ports open again for cruise ships. These are allowed to dock from 7 June. Thats what the Ministry of Transport announced on Saturday in the State Gazette. Spain hopes, partly through these measures, to save the summer season of the tourism sector. Its been badly hit by the coronapandemic.

The maritime authorities have agreed to reopen the berths for sailing hotels because the number of new coronas cases are falling and more people have been vaccinated. Spain, a popular hotspot for international cruises, has stopped luxury passenger ships from its ports since June 2020 after disturbing reports of serious viral outbreaks on board.

โ€œ The shipping companies must, of course, comply with the measures adopted by the Ministry of Health to ensure absolute safety both for passengers and for the inhabitants of the cities they visit,โ€ said the Transport Ministry.

Last week, Prime Minister Pedro Sรกnchez announced that Spain will be happy to welcome every foreigner vaccinated against Corona from 7 June. The southern European country is now looking forward to the early reopening of the vital tourist industry due to the rapid infection and vaccination figures.

16.45 – The number of new infections in India continues to decline

The Indian health authorities were able to report a further decrease in the number of new coronavirus infections on Saturday. In 24 hours there were 173,790 cases, the slightest increase in 45 days. The top of the second wave fell on May 6, with almost 415,000 new cases. So far, over 27.7 million infections have been recorded in a population of nearly 1.4 billion people.

The mortality rate has been declining for a week, but with 3617 new casualties on Saturday is still significant. In total, Covid-19 has now officially killed more than 322,000 Indians. The actual number is probably higher.

The vaccination programme is not yet running as desired. Only 3 percent of the population have been fully vaccinated. The government has promised to improve and believes that by the end of the year everyone will have had the necessary pricks. The Secretary of State is currently in the US to discuss with the Americans, among other things, how to deal with the pandemic and the supply of vaccines.

Despite the still prevailing corona problems, New Delhi wants to make a cautious start on Monday to relax the measures. The Indian capital has been in lockdown since 19 April.

14.18 – People eat less wild animals by corona

People have started eating less wild animal meat because of the coronapandemic. In a study carried out by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), nearly 30 percent of respondents reported that they have started eating less wild animals by corona or stopped doing so altogetherbe.

Nearly half (46 percent) of the research participants believe that the transmission of diseases from animals to humans is the most likely cause of pandemics that are still ahead of us. In particular, Chinese (91%) and Vietnamese (84%) see closure of so-called wildlife markets as the most important measures to prevent new pandemics. The coronavirus may originate from bats, which infected people for the first time through another host, experts from the World Health Organization concluded after research in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the pandemic began in 2019.

Research firm GlobeScan interviewed for WWF residents of China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and the United States. Of the Chinese surveyed, 28 percent reported eating fewer wild animals due to the outbreak of Covid-19. In Thailand, that figure doubled almost from 21 percent in 2020 to 41 percent this year. On the other hand, almost one in ten (9%) of respondents in the five countries indicate that they continue to eat wild animals.

The World Wildlife Fund published the survey on Saturday on the occasion of the annual meeting of the WHO and calls on countries to prevent forest logging and to close markets for wild animals where there is high risk of transmission of viruses from animals to humans. According to WWF, biodiversity naturally helps to suppress diseases.

10.42 – First false vaccination certificates appear in Germany


According to the police, the first false vaccination certificates appeared. According to a spokesman for the Federal Investigation (BKA) there are not so many but demand will increase and supply as well. According to the BKA, this is because people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 suffer less from the restrictions imposed to combat the virus.

The first reports of false vaccination documents came from Bavaria. The Bayerischer Rundfunk reports that the counterfeits can be obtained without any problems. The police in Bavaria are still not out of the case where a stranger to a supermarket in Memmingen gave false vaccination certificates to passers-by without asking for a return.

9.34 – Pregnant women not vaccinated as a priority

Pregnant women do not receive a prick against the coronavirus as a priority. The Cabinet has considered this and asked the RIVM for advice on this matter. But demissionary health minister Hugo de Jonge writes in a letter to the House of Representatives that such an early invitation has little effect on the speed with which this group is vaccinated.

An important consideration is also that pregnant women who are at risk of a โ€œsevere course of covid-19โ€ with possible consequences for the child, already fall into the group of people with a medical indication. They then have a condition that makes them vulnerable to covid-19. This group is vaccinated as a priority, says De Jonge.

In addition, twenty people โ€œalready expected within a few weeksโ€ will receive an invitation for a prick on the mat. โ€œFurther prioritisation is therefore not necessary because of the high rate of vaccinationโ€, reports De Jonge. โ€œBecause vaccination is also important for pregnant women, it has been communicated extensively and in a targeted manner with this target group.โ€

6.54 – Vietnam discovered hybrid Indian and British mutation coronavirus

In Vietnam, a hybrid variant of coronavirus mutations was found first detected in India and the UK, Vietnamese Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long announced on Saturday. The news was first brought by the Vietnamese newspaper VNexpress.

The mutated variants would be significantly more contagious and spread easily via airborne. The so-called British variant B.1.1.7 was first identified in October and in the following months, among other things, caused an explosive growth in contamination rates in Western Europe.

The mutation first detected in India, B.1.617.2, has infected millions of people in recent months. In India, where, according to experts, the government eased restrictive measures too early, up to 400,000 new infections were detected

, sometimes with daily deaths above 4000. Coronas infestations are established. In the last week of April, the daily average did not exceed 10 new infections. This week, the average number of new infections per day is already over 200.

In addition to the British and Indian variants, five other variants have been found in Vietnam. The discovered hybrid variant is, according to Minister Long, โ€œan Indian variant with mutations that are original to the British variant.โ€According to him, laboratory cultures would have shown that the hybrid multiplies very rapidly and therefore is transferred more quickly. That explains, according to the Health Minister, the rapid increase in the number of infections in Vietnam.

Vietnam has so far been largely spared by the coronapandemic, is reflected in the figures from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Almost 6400 infections have been detected and at least 47 people died from the effects of Covid-19. Nearly 3600 of Vietnamese infections have been detected since April.

6.45 – CBS receives data from test streets of the GGD for research

Information from the corona-viruss streets of the GDs is made available to statistical office CBS. This will carry out statistical analyses at the request of the Ministry of Health. In this way, the Ministry wants to โ€œgain more insight into the fight against the pandemic and its consequences for specific groups within society.โ€ The government promises that peoples privacy will be guaranteed.

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For the analysis, CBS will use data on income, education level, employment status and housing situation. โ€œThis makes it clear which groups are exactly positive, negative or untested. These analyses may help to identify more quickly which groups are being tested more or less, which occupations are at higher risk or what, for example, is the impact of living or working conditions to be tested positively,โ€ says the Ministry.

The department expects this to contribute to a more targeted fight against the virus and possibly help with subsequent epidemics. In this way, the GDs, the Rijksinstituut voor healthen milieu (RIVM) and the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) can also benefit from it. Initial analysis results are expected at the end of June. The statistics are always made public.

According to the Ministry, privacy is regulated by the so-called CBS Act. For example, โ€œdirectly identifying personal characteristicsโ€ are deleted at CBS after the data has been entered. Personal attributes are also encrypted and โ€œit is closely monitored to see if results are not traceable to individuals.โ€

The Ministry examines whether it is meaningful and legally possible to make other data, such as vaccination data, available at the CBS for statistical research.

06.03 – Van Lienden tried to get extra order via Pieter Omtzigt

Sywert van Lienden tried to drag in an extra megaorder for mouthcaps via Pieter Omtzigt. The CDA member of the parliament passed on his partys offer to Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Van Lienden did not report that he already had commercial interests through his own company. According to the Volkskrant, this is evident from an internal document by Van Lienden, which was sent to the Ministry of General Affairs of Prime Minister Rutte via Pieter Omtzigt.

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In the paper, owned by the newspaper, media personality offers to deliver another 80 million mouthcaps to the government. He already had an order of 40 million mouthcaps for 100.8 million euros.

In a reaction Van Lienden says that it was an innocent piece with some tips, experiences. According to him, it was a โ€œnon-profit offer on how to support society with medical mouth capsโ€. Van Lienden emphasises that Omtzigt did not know that he and his business partners delivered to the government via a commercial eg.

01.37 – French part of Sint Maarten puts a curfew in

the government on Saint Martin, the French part of the island of Saint Martin, introduces a curfew from Sunday. This is a consequence of the increase in the number of infections on the island. In the meantime, 122 new cases were registered between 17 and 23 May, the number of people currently infected has risen to 350

, and

according to the government, this is the reason for introducing new, more stringent measures. For example, from Sunday for at least ten days, a curfew from 20:00 to 06:00 will apply. Only hotel bars and restaurants are allowed to remain open after the curfew. If after ten days the number of infections has not decreased, the curfew is prolonged.

On the Dutch part there is no curfew and shops are allowed to remain open until 23:00. In order to prevent people from driving from the French to the Dutch section in the evening, the police will check for the four border crossings. After 20.00 hours, from Sunday on Saint Martin, people are only allowed to enter the streets for medical reasons or necessary work.

Last week, the alarm was raised at Sint Maarten about a sudden increase in the number of infections. Until now, however, this increase has been limited. Until the beginning of the month, the number ofpeople who are infected are becoming under thirty. Since ten days this has risen to around eighty, but the number does not increase any further. Sint Maarten therefore does not introduce any new corona measures at this time.

01.21 – Evaluation: effect CoronaElder app small but noticeable

The added value of the CoronaElder app in detecting coronavirus infections is โ€œsmall but noticeable.โ€ This is what researchers from Erasmus University say in an evaluation.

According to the research, at least 14,000 infections have come to light through the app. Nearly 190,000 people were tested after a report.

The CoronAmelder reduces the reproduction number by 0.3 percent. This number shows how many people infect each other: for example, with an R number of 1.2, a hundred people infect 120 others in total. With a larger number of users, the app can reduce this number to 2 percent, according to the researchers. Through the app, testing and source and contact research, the reproduction number is now 12.7 percent lower.

According to demissionary coronaminister Hugo de Jonge, the evaluation confirms that the app makes an โ€œimportant contributionโ€ to the rapid detection and containment of coronavirus infections. According to the Ministry of Health, the CoronaElder has about 3 million active users. The app was downloaded by 4.9 million people.

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