Terraria Final Update: Journeys End will be released on Nintendo Switch

Re-Logic Studio has announced a future update to its famous Terraria sandbox. The final Journey‘s End update will be released on Nintendo Switch on January 4, 2022. After that, versions of the game on major platforms will be identical, and all patches will be released at the same time.

According to the developers, the update content for the hybrid console is ready, but they do not want it release at the end of the year due to the upcoming holidays. The studio wants to be sure that in case of bugs they can be quickly fixed.

In addition, the creators have prepared a large-scale patch for console versions and confirmed that they are back to work on mobile version updates. After the release of the final update on Switch, the studio will throw all its efforts to release Journey’s End on iOS and Android.

Meanwhile, the game was again nominated for the โ€œFavorite Childโ€ award on Steam. Terraria has already been in this category several times, but has never been able to win it.

In the year of its tenth anniversary, the game will probably still win a prize for its many years of support. More on Gambling Addiction Agony and Succubus are working on the original arena shooter Void Slayer Farming Simulator 22 sales exceeded 1.

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