‘Terrible day for Aubameyang and co: defeat after overnight stay on the ground’

A terrible night for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and the rest of the Gabon national team. They had to sleep on the ground of the airport in Banjul, the capital of the Gambia on the night from Sunday to Monday.

As part of the qualification for the Africa Cup, Gabon, with Arsenal striker Aubameyang in the ranks, had to travel to Gambia to play a match there. On arrival, however, the national selection had to wait a very long time. According to various African media, the authorities in Gambia requested an additional corontest, which was not available.
As a result, the national team of Gabon had to wait for corona-virus tests to be available, which could then be subjected to. That took a long time: Aubameyang and his family even had to sleep on the ground of the airport because no shelter was arranged for the players. On pictures you can see that players are lying on the hard floor on towels and against bags.

Aubameyang and teammates drags on the airport floor in Banjul last night ahead of todays match vs. The Gambia. Allegdly, Gambian authorities required new Covid tests from the Gabonese national team which were not readily available. Kick-off in 45 minutes. https://t.co/FwJRCylxZN pic.twitter.com/ahuduy0jxQ
โ€” Maher Mezahi (@MezahiMaher) November 16, 2020

The night at the airport turned out that the football players from Gabon did not sit in the cold clothes. Gambia won 2-1 at home thanks to two goals by Musa Barrow, striker of Bologna.