Terror group Boko Haram claims images of kidnapped schoolchildren

The Nigerian terror movement Boko Haram claims to have distributed images of students abducted in Katsina. One of the boys on that footage calls for all schools in the region to close, except Koranic schools. It also calls for government forces to withdraw from Katsina, a state in the north of the West African country.

Boko Haram previously claimed responsibility for kidnapping hundreds of schoolchildren. Around 400 children are missing after an attack at their boarding school in the state of Katsina, more than 300 kilometres north of the capital Abuja. In the region, however, people are often abducted for ransom or for other gangs practices, making it difficult to determine who is behind the kidnapping of the schoolboys.

โ€œ Our group is behind the kidnapping,โ€ claimed a leader of Boko Haram earlier in a video. The terrorists tend to kidnap schoolchildren. Notorious is the abduction of 276 schoolgirls by the terror movement in April 2014, many of whom have been imprisoned for years and still not all girls have been recovered.

The terror group Boko Haram is usually active in the northeast of the country, about 600 kilometres from Katsina. The boarding school affected had eight hundred pupils. Half of that was taken by the kidnappers who claim to be Boko Haram. Police and army have been deployed to find the students.

Boko Haram (‘Western is sinful’) is a kind of cult that was founded in 2002 and wants to put an end to all western influences in the north-eastern regions, and in the long run the movement became extremely violent, especially since it was led by Abubakar Shekau in 2009. Today, the followers of the group see themselves as jihadists of the Islamic State. In recent years, gangs from this terror movement would have started for themselves.