‘Terror Theo’ about his behavior in the Big Brother house: ‘Partly played’

Theo Sijtzemas unexpected departure from the Big Brother house amazed friend and enemy. The 54-year-old Amsterdammer was one of the most striking participants because of his present and pronounced character. But is this the real Theo?

In a video on Big Brothers Instagram channel, the former candidate confesses that his behavior in the house had been partially played. โ€œThat was the Theo who was very harsh, scold, all of that.โ€


his own words, Theo thought that he played the role that had to bring him far into the game well. โ€œBut I was glad to let it go in the end. It became a struggle for me.โ€

The Amsterdammer became increasingly unhappy in the house. โ€œI could only lose to one person, and that was my own, and thats what happened. Ive lost to myself. I became increasingly unhappy and then Im afraid Im making statements that I certainly dont mean.โ€

Theo regrets some of the statements. โ€œSorry about the game I did not, how I played, certainly not. Im sorry for some of the statements that Ive hurt people. Yes, I certainly do.โ€

Theo was quickly renamed Terror Theo by viewers because of his present and distinct character. He volunteered to leave the Big Brother house after two weeks on Thursday morning.