Test with baton for boas in ten municipalities

There will soon be a test with a short baton for extraordinary investigators (boas). In January, boas will be equipped with this coat of arms in ten municipalities, as Minister Grapperhaus knows. The test will be evaluated after one year.

The municipalities participating in the trial are Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Capelle aan den IJssel, Hoorn, Leeuwarden, Valkenburg aan de Geul, Velsen, Zandvoort, Zoetermeer and Southwest Friesland. The boas that get a baton must first be trained.

In the past, Minister Grapperhaus felt little in favour of further arming boas, because he felt that the monopoly of violence should remain with the police. But last summer, he was already sensitive to the massive desire of many enforcers for more defensive means. Hes working on new rules for the equipment of boas.


Boas are increasingly dealing with aggression, and feel that they are even more at risk now that they have to maintain the corona measures as well. Now, by a great exception, they are equipped with a baton, and only with the prior permission of the minister.

In the future, it is planned that the local triangle of mayor, police and prosecutor can decide that the boas get such a stick. The Minister then judges only afterwards whether it was justified.

โ€œ Boas deserve to be provided with sufficient resources within the framework of their safety,โ€ says Grapperhaus. โ€œWith this pilot we meet a wish that has been alive for a long time. This remedy can increase the safety of the boa by its possible preventive action.โ€