Tetris Effect: Connected for PS4, Oculus Quest, Steam and EGS rescheduled to August 18

Developers from the Enhance Games studio moved the release of Tetris Effect: Connected for PlayStation 4, Oculus Quest, Steam and Epic Games Store to August 18. All Tetris Effect holders will receive the upgrade free of charge. The release decided to postpone to fix the bug found.

At the same time as Tetris Effect: Connected on new platforms, the game will receive a free cross-play update between all platforms, including PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Oculus Quest, PC and Xbox Game Pass. In addition, players are waiting for PAL Speed and Slow Speed modes, Observer mode, Remote Play support on PS4 and ability to reset Skill Rated to recalibrate matchmaking.

For the first two weeks the Steam version can be bought at 25% discount, and get free of charge Digital Deluxe Downloadable Content, which includes 7 compositions soundtrack, 11 4K-resolution desktop wallpapers and 7 profile avatars. More on Guilty Gear: Strive has dispersed over 500,000 copies Enthusiasts have been building Titanic for nearly 15 years at Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven Nier: Automata at last got the first patch โ€” after 4 years.