Texas Emergency: Millions without power in freezing cold

Millions of Texans are forced to run out of power during an unusual freezing cold. The US state power grid operator temporarily shuts down nearly 3 million customers to prevent an uncontrolled power outage while there is a record demand for electricity.

The network operator interrupts delivery to customers at turns. The authorities call on the reduction of power consumption. Because of the cold, not all fuels for generators can be used. Due to the bad weather, the production of wind energy was almost halved.

The cold also took its toll on the power industry in Texas, by far the largest producer of crude oil in the country. For example, oil refineries had to close.

State of emergency

The US President Biden declares the state of emergency for Texas to enable assistance, after temperatures from -2 to -22 degrees had been measured. With Texas was much of the United States in the grip of winter.

In Louisiana, which is adjacent to Texas, it also came to power outages. Even in Mexico there were at least 400,000 customers without electricity.