Teze is the surprise at PSV: ‘Not a top talent, but a hard worker’

PSV is on the eve of the rehabilitation season, which should give the club successes and a fresher image. The chagrin of the Mark van Bommel period has disappeared and the unknown, expectant adventure awaits under the leadership of Roger Schmidt.

Could PSV surprise with the now much-discussed Vollgasfussball of the German coach? The preparation of the people of Eindhoven was not convincing in the past weeks, with mixed results.

But the results didnt bother Schmidt and his colleagues much. In their eyes, the PSV selection must master the philosophy of football. Sunday afternoon in and against Groningen should show to what extent the group has already succeeded in this.

Opportunity seized

In any case, Jordan Teze seems to have a surprising taste for trainer Schmidt. The 20-year-old born Groninger (who grew up in Roosendaal) was given a lot of playing time as a central defender during the preparations and seized the opportunity with both hands, also because PSV was unable to attract a new central defender.

The speed and agility of Teze turn out to be an important aspect for Schmidt, as the coach wants to let PSV play football with a lot of room in the back.

The youth international, he went through all the national youth teams and has now played three times for the Dutch Junior League, has with his characteristics an edge over the longer, somewhat woody Timo Baumgartl, who last season received 10 million euros from VfB Stuttgart. Baumgartl also missed a small part of the preparation due to physical discomfort.

Not a top talent, but a hard worker

I am not surprised that Jordan is now suddenly making the move. He is an athletic, positive and reliable guy, says Geert Brusselers, who was the coach of Teze at PSV under-19 for the 2016/2017 season.

Jordan did not used to be one of PSVs top talents, but has always worked very hard. He has everything a modern football player needs

According to Brusselers, who are currently working from Spain for the Saudi Arabia Football Association, good mental guidance has contributed to the development of Teze as a pro.

In my period Jordan started to realise what it really took to become a professional footballer. Sometimes he was still a dreamer, but thanks in part to the support from PSV he managed to take the next step. It made him more aware

Step taken

According to the Brusselers, Van Bommel, whose name is re-emerging, has also been responsible for the steady advance of Teze in PSV training.

It was not so bad for Jordan that Mark van Bommel dared to let many youth players make the step to the A-selection. That happened a lot less under Phillip Cocu. Van Bommel had confidence in those young boys: look at Ihattaren, Malen, Gakpo, Sadílek and also Jordan. PSV will benefit from that in the future

The smiling Teze, who has been in PSVs youth training since 2007 and did this for the most part with bosom friend Cody Gakpo, stood out two years ago by helping PSV outside the lines during the preliminary round of the Champions League as an 18-year old.

He then threw a second ball into the field as a reserve player in the away game against BATE Borisov to buy time for PSV, which then defended a 3-2 lead. It earned Teze a yellow card.

Brusselers: Haha, yes that was typical of Jordan. You can describe him as a rascal, but in the good sense of the word. He creates a nice atmosphere. Hes really not a rebel.