TG: Ihattars under threat

Mohamed Ihattaren is currently suffering from intimidation and threats, reports De Cceit. That is why the Ajax midfielder is absent.
The absence of Ihattars already raised some questions on the left and right. And after the midfielder was also left out of the selection of trainer Alfred Schreuder and was labelled ‘not fit’ by Ajax, it did not become clearer.
According to the newspaper, the harassment does not come from the corner of the supporters, but it is unclear from which angle it does come. Ajax gives Ihattaren the time and tranquility to take care of things in the private sphere. Trainer Alfred Schreuder visited him this week and supports the midfielder fully.
Ihattaren is rented by Ajax from Juventus for one year, until 31 December 2022, and the Amsterdam club has an option to buy worth two million euros on him.

PREMIUM Attacker not joining training camp to Austria for private reasons #Ajax #Ihattaren
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