Thailand blocks Pornhub because of video with king

The Thai Ministry of Digital Affairs has ordered to block the popular site Pornhub. The measure is not motivated by concern about public morals but by a video in which King Vajiralongkorn appears. However, the Thai couldn‘t appreciate the censorship and #pornhub was immediately one of the most used ‘hashtags‘ on Twitter.

The accused recording came to light as early as 2007 and has been circulating on the Internet since then, but still causes a lot of sniffing and violation of the law on majesty’s desecration. On the statues the current king – then still crown prince – can be seen at the birthday party of his beloved poodle FoeFoe, who had received the rank of air marshal from him. However, Vajiralongkorn was not alone. Also his then (third) wife Srirasmi was present, dressed in nothing more than a thong.

This created a bizarre contrast to the servants creeping around the pair, completely uniformly dressed. The fact that Srirasmi crawled over the ground to give the dog cake and ate out of his bowl, caused raised eyebrows here and there. In Thailand, the video is known as the ‘pool clip’, because the shots were taken by the pool.

Srirasmi was discarded in 2014 and her family members were put in prison because they allegedly abused their association with the royal family. Her son Prince Dipangkorn (15) gets to see her little or little. He lives in Bavaria, wherever he goes to school.