Thanks to the closure of Stadia, Gylt horror will become multiplatform

Tequila Works, famous for its adventure, released the horror adventure Gylt in 2019. And while the developers wanted their project to be seen by as many players as possible, the game had a different fate: it became an exclusive to Google Stadia. However, now that Google has announced the closure of its streaming service, developers will finally be able to show the game to anyone who has not been a Stadia subscriber.

The studio said Gylt will be a multi-platform project in 2023. The list of platforms has not yet been announced, but more details about the games new release will probably be announced soon.

In the third-person horror movie Gylt, we play the role of teenage girl Sally. She travels to a dark alternate world to save her cousin, where quests, spatial puzzles, and encounters with creepy monsters that can be saved by light flashlight.

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