Thanks to the discount Forza Horizon 4 has updated its record for online on Steam

Last week Forza Horizon 4, which made its debut on Steam about a month ago, sent for discounts of 35% โ€” thanks to this project managed to update its own record for peak online. It totaled 40,399 at the weekend, although it did not exceed 26,000 at the start of sales. Not to say that the peak online of 40 thousand is a lot – but it is worth considering that initially the game came out almost three years ago, and the genre became a niche.

Among the paid racing releases, Horizon 4 has a record. Ahead only DiRT 3 (40,832 people) and F1 2015 (88,029 players) โ€” both โ€œhaypanuliโ€ on free giveaways.

Much more interesting now what results will be able to boast the next Forza Horizon on Steam – the question is only when it comes out. More on CCeit Owners PS5 in Final Fantasy XIV will be able to choose 1080p, 1440p or 4K In the new video โ€œFalcon and the Winter Soldierโ€ reminded of the close finale of the series Authorsโ€ Major Thunderโ€ wont get money from screenings in online cinemas.