Thanos from ‘Avengers’ to return to Fortnite soon

Epic Games will return Thanos to Fortnite โ€” for the first time, the mad titan will be a full-fledged skin that those wishing to purchase from June 27 in the item store. Before that, the villain was only part of a temporary event. However, a special event has been prepared for those wishing to try on the shell quickly โ€” Thanos Tournament kicks off on June 21.

To do that, you need to call a proven mate, go to pair fights and play about 10 games. The best teams will get the gear for free.

Fortnite now hosts the โ€œInvasionโ€ season, with which the battle royal island is attacked by aliens. Developers will also play โ€œThanoss Vzorโ€ graffiti โ€” teams with 8 points will receive it.

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